Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II Review

Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II

A lot of white noise machines have dials and buttons to help you choose the perfect sound for you. The Homedics promises to give you more and make it easier to use with the Deep Sleep II. It features an easy to read LCD screen that will show you the sound you are listening to and the volume of it. That is why it is becoming a popular choice for many people. Perhaps it is something you will also enjoy using. Read our full Homedics Deep Sleep II review to find out more about the features that it offers. It could make the difference between good sleep and great sleep.

Customer Ratings:​

 Features of the Homedics Deep Sleep II

​This white noise machine offers sleep therapy programs that are a patent-pending combination of relaxing sounds along with white noises. They promise to help you sleep by ensuring distracting noises do not bother you ever again so that you can rest all night long.

​The Deep Sleep II has a design that is unique among sleep machines. It is not a rounded base system. It is a dual speaker design that stands tall to blend in with its surroundings. The speakers are high quality and have bass added to reproduce sounds and fill the entire room with them.

​With this one white noise system, you can choose from four white tones, four water tones, and four nature tones. With these tones, you can listen to noises that soothe, mask, calm and relax or you can listen to waves crashing, thunder rumbling, rain pouring, or a brook bubbling. You also have the option to enjoy a summer night, the sound of a campfire crackling, the wind chimes, or an everglades sound. You can even combine the sounds to suit your mood or the way you feel most relaxed.

​It comes with a remote control so that you can control the volume and sounds without getting out of bed. This ensures that you will always have the sleep quality that you want and if the noisy neighbors get noisier, you will be able to compensate without losing much sleep.

​This sleep system is a little heavier than most others. It is 3 pounds. It also measures 7.8 x 4 x 8.2 inches. This makes it a little less easy to take with you on vacations, but it is not an impossible wish. It can still be taken along on business trips and family vacations.

​The LCD screen is easy to read and tells you everything you want to know about your sleep sounds. This makes it great for kids, infants, and adults alike because you can set it up for whoever is listening to it.

​ Buyer’s Feedback on the Deep Sleep II

​The Deep Sleep II is a great device according to many people. It has earned a 4.2-star rating from people who have decided to use it to get a good night’s sleep. There are people who have used and loved it for more than a few years. There are people who say that they love the sound. They enjoy the rain shower sounds and the thunderstorm rumbling that it provides. These people also love hearing the white noise that this machine produces. In all cases, the people who love it say that the sounds are realistic and enjoyable to listen to. Most people enjoy using the remote control to set it. They like how easy to read the LCD screen is and are not bothered by the brightness of it.

​There are some people who feel that it has an inconsistent volume. They say that it may start out loud enough to mask noises, but then it may inexplicably go quieter. Most people do not have this issue and there is a chance that it could be due to a timer that reduces the volume after a set amount of time to protect the machine and your hearing. There are a few people who say that the button controls are hard to find during the night, but if there were bigger buttons on it, the whole unit would have to be larger. It depends on what you want. When looking through the reviews, you will find some people who say that they prefer the Deep Sleep I.

​ Our Opinion of the Deep Sleep II by Homedics

​In looking at the Deep Sleep II we are fascinated by the shape of it. It is a white noise machine that does not look like a white noise machine that we have seen in the past. It has a more contemporary style that we feel will appeal to many people. We like that it offers a complete package deal. One machine that can provide several different, basic sounds that can be customized and mixed together to give you a unique sound that you cannot find in other machines. It has also been awarded several awards where it was listed within the top 10 and that is something that we are unable to deny. It points to its overall quality and we have to agree with their assessments. The only potential negative that we can see also has to do with the size and shape. In as much as it is unique and cool to look at, we cannot deny that it could be top heavy enough to tip over and the volume controls are a little low, which could cause a problem if you are lying in bed and using the remote control. Overall, though, we say that the Deep Sleep II by Homedics is worth checking out and giving it a try if you are ready to have a good night’s rest with soothing sounds all around you.


  • Unique Design
  • Many Soothing Sounds Available
  • Remote Control
  • Outstanding Sound Quality


  • Larger Size Than Other White Noise Machines
  • Declining Volume